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Hidden Camera Footage From Inside Trump Rallies Exposes Pure Racism Within His Base (VIDEO)

Trump Rallies

The New York Times released a video on Wednesday of a compilation of Donald Trump rallies, filmed over the course of months by an undercover journalist. The footage contained some of the most shocking and graphic language ever spoken at a political event.

“Crowds seldom express disapproval of the crude slogans and angry outbursts by Mr. Trump’s supporters,” according to the Times report. “Indeed, these displays have become inextricably bound with the Trump show itself.”

Please be advised, this video contains copious amounts of profanity and a wide variety of slurs.

Along with the casual racist, islamophobic, and sexist statements ever-present at Trump rallies, there is also always an atmosphere of impending violence. Nearly every Trump rally has had protesters willing to speak out in what has become known as dangerous territory.

Protesters routinely face unrelenting harassment and sometimes even physical assault from Trump supporters.

At these rallies, Trump for his part sits back and smiles like a proud father at the invective and hatred pulsing from his supporters. For the now defacto leader of the Republican party, these rallies represent a new era for the GOP.

Featured image via YouTube.