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Megyn Kelly Has A TOTAL MELTDOWN Over Trump’s Nonstop F***-Ups: “What Is He Doing?!” (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s campaign has been self-destructing right before everyone’s eyes ever since the Democratic National Convention, and while most of us are delighted, it’s causing some serious mental strain on Republicans.

Over the last several days Trump has gotten himself involved in controversy after controversy, most notably for his attacks on the Gold Star parents of a slain Muslim Army Caption who died fighting for America. Trump’s recent gaffes have caused several prominent Republicans to either speak out against him or abandon him completely, and even conservative media outlets are horrified by what they’re seeing from their party’s presidential nominee – including Fox News, the one network that might actually support him.

But this week, even Fox anchor Megyn Kelly couldn’t hide how disappointed and baffled she was by Trump’s erratic behavior – particularly his decision to rehash several of his older f***-ups in front of voters. It was like Trump was trying to remind everyone of all the bad things he’d done, such as the time he made fun of a New York Times reporter for having a disability, or the time he said he saw Muslims celebrating on 9/11. Trump even brought up his own feud with Kelly. Puzzled by his approach, all Kelly could do was surrender to the madness, bury her head in her hands and say, “Oh, good God.” She asked:

“What is he doing relitigating every controversy from the primary season?!”

Kelly also nailed Trump for bragging about how many “expensive” handicap-accessible ramps he had installed at his properties, to prove that he’d been a “tremendous fan” of the disabled. She pointed out that Trump was required BY LAW to install them. Criticizing Trump for continuing to give the media more and more ammo to use against him (which makes opponent Hillary Clinton look like a saint), she said:

“It’s true that the mainstream media now hates Trump. But must he help them? Must he help them so generously every day?”

You can watch Kelly lose her mind over Trump’s behavior below:

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