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Newly Released George Carlin Audio Rips The Police State To Shreds (AUDIO)

Over the last several decades, there have been few political satirists as biting and spot on as the late, great, George Carlin. Carlin was no fan of the status quo. Even before Citizens United sent us on the path to full-on oligarchy, Carlin warned us.

Carlin is as timely now as he was during the heyday of his career. Long before anyone had heard of a movement called Black Lives Matter, Carlin spoke about police brutality and his distrust of the police in general.

While Carlin has a pretty extensive library of video clips on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet, this audio, where he lets police absolutely have it, was just uncovered by the Free Thought Project. It’s not a long clip, but an angry Carlin rants that the police “are not on your side,” and that people should never, ever help the police.

Carlin said that when he watched cop shows on TV or police movies, he always rooted against the police and for the crooks. “I’d rather spend 16 hours stuck in an elevator with a couple of crooks,” Carlin said, “than even say ‘hello’ to a couple of f*cking policemen.”

Carlin went on to say that police “work for the state,” and that they’ll “plant fake evidence, they’ll put a loaded gun in the hands of an unarmed man they shot to death.”

He does admire one thing about police, and that is that “they don’t squeal on each other, they’re not rats.” Carlin advises that we all “take a page from their book and above all, don’t plea bargain by turning in a friend.” The atheist comedian even evoked God, saying that God wouldn’t let people plea bargain to get into heaven. “Even God hates a rat,” Carlin said. He said Jesus “should have beat the s*it out of Judas.”

Here’s the audio:

Featured image via video screen capture.