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UK Police Attempt To Force Muslim Woman To Remove Burkini; British Citizens Shut It DOWN (VIDEO)

The controversial ban on the “burkini” swimsuits that has been enforced on several French beach resorts has attracted much criticism, as well as a legal dispute after an incident concerning a Muslim woman made global news last week. The woman had been laying on a beach in Nice, when police officers confronted her and forced her to remove her clothing. The woman was also forced to pay a fine.

While France’s highest court has fortunately ruled that the ban is illegal due to a “serious and manifestly illegal violation of fundamental freedoms”, not all agree – over 20 mayors in France said that they would defy that ruling. In response to this awful violation of human rights, a team of actors in the UK conducted a social experiment to see what British beach-goers would do if they saw a Muslim woman in a burkini being forced by a ‘police officer’ to remove her full-length swimsuit.

In the scene, the fake police officer approaches the woman, who is also an actress, and tells her that “You can’t wear it at the beach. You are wearing it because you are oppressed.” There is a heated exchange of words between the officer and the woman as she objects – and it doesn’t take long before several beach-goers notice that something isn’t right.

The situation quickly escalates as the officer grabs the woman’s head covering and forcibly tries to remove it himself – and then the British beach-goers couldn’t stay silent any longer. It started with two women yelling at the officer that “You can’t do that. It’s religious. You cannot discriminate her against her religion!”

It was only seconds before an entire crowd of people gathered around the police officer to come to the woman’s defense. The crowd was actually becoming so protective of the Muslim woman, that the actor playing the police officer announced that it was a social experiment sooner than expected because he was intimidated by the response.

You can watch the powerful moment below:

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