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Racists Unleash VILE Attack On President Obama Over Beating Of White Teen (DETAILS)

Right now, the internet is exploding with the news of four black teens beating a white teen with mental health challenges and posting the entire horrific attack on Facebook Live. Apparently, the teen was an easy target because of his mental health condition, and was tricked into meeting these people at a McDonald’s restaurant, where they then held him hostage and tortured him for more than 24 hours. This is inexcusable, and they will likely spend decades in prison for it, as they should. However, given the dynamics of the crime, this has, of course, led the racists of the internet to blame – you guessed it – President Obama.

First, right-wing radio personality Laura Ingraham, who has a considerable audience and amount of influence, tweeted:

Then came a slew of insults from right-wing racists against our President:

Of course, considering that this news just broke, it is quite possible that President Obama will make a statement when he has more information. After all, Chicago is his home, and he is likely quite concerned with what goes on there in the way of violence. Or it could be that he would like to allow the city’s law enforcement to handle it before weighing in. Further, as horrific as this is, it’s not like it’s a mass shooting or something on that scale. So, he may stay quiet, as is his right.

Also, the hypocrisy here is astounding. These people have NOTHING to say about the trial of the racist church shooter from Charleston, South Carolina, who is in the process of being sentenced as we speak. All in all, it is patently ridiculous and absolutely despicable to blame President Obama for what these vile teenagers did to this young man. They will be punished in short order, mark my words. The only question here is this: if the races had been reversed, would these same people be as outraged?

I definitely wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images