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John Lewis Gives Trump A BRUTALLY Honest Message He WILL NOT Want To Hear About History (DETAILS)

Donald Trump began his first Martin Luther King Jr weekend as an elected official in the most repulsive way possible: By attacking esteemed civil rights icon and Georgia Congressman John Lewis. Well, if Trump thought he could bully John Lewis, he better think again.

Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press, Lewis said of the possibility of Trump going to Selma, where history was made during the Civil Rights Era:

“Well, by going to Selma — like President Bush, President Clinton, President Obama — maybe he would learn something. Maybe he would get religion.”

That isn’t all Congressman Lewis had to say on that particular subject, though. He told host Chuck Todd the following when he asked if Lewis would want Trump to go to Selma as previous presidents have:

“I would not invite him to come.”

Then, Todd asked if Lewis would do anything to stop Trump from going to Selma:

“I wouldn’t try to do anything to prevent him from coming.”

Congressman Lewis would not have to do anything to keep Trump away from Selma. He has made his feelings on the matter perfectly clear, and it is an absolute insult to John Lewis and everyone else who marched, fought, and bled to make America a better, more equal place to entertain the idea that a racist asshole like Donald Trump should be anywhere near the place.

That’s really not a problem, though, since it’s a pretty safe bet that Trump wouldn’t want to be anywhere near any location that is mostly African American, and certainly not anywhere that is steeped in such historical significance. Further, the people who live there and understand the city’s history would run Donald Trump out on a rail. He can’t take criticism of any kind, and he’d definitely be called out for being a racist if he were to visit a place like Selma.

Learn to respect history, Donald. Listen to John Lewis. You just might learn something.

Featured image via Rick Diamond/Getty Images