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Hillary Responds To Trump’s Muslim Ban, Shows Him What A REAL President Looks Like (TWEET)

Donald Trump’s executive ban on Muslims coming into the United States marked one of the most disgraceful, unconstitutional acts he tried to pass during his first week. This inhumane ban caused several people to be detained and families to be separated, not knowing what their fate would be. Some were even sent back.

In response, thousands of protesters packed themselves into airports across the country to protest, and lawyers volunteered their services to detainees pro bono. The American Civil Liberties Union sued Trump in court – and won, thanks to Federal Judge Ann Donnolly, who created a nationwide emergency block on Trump’s ban. Americans rejoiced at the news, and also dragged Trump for his disgusting xenophobia.

One of the most notable responses came from Trump’s election competitor, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who tweeted her support for those protesting in airports across the country last night. Noting that what Trump is doing does not reflect the values of America, Clinton tweeted:

“I stand with the people gathered across the country tonight defending our values and our Constitution. This is not who we are.”

In this single tweet, it couldn’t be more clear that Clinton is the candidate that should be in the White House right now. If the Electoral College and Russian government had not allowed Trump to be elected, we would not be suffering these atrocities and threats to human life and freedoms. Clinton was the candidate who truly cared about upholding America’s values and liberties, and she continues to be a class act even after her election loss.

Meanwhile, Trump is currently throwing his usual man-baby temper tantrum on Twitter because Judge Donnolly blocked his disgusting Muslim ban. These immature fits are enough to make even Trump’s own supporters regret voting for him, because it’s clear that we need a real adult in this position. Instead, we have a child for president.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images