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Trump Trips All Over Himself To Pretend He Has No Ties To Putin In UNHINGED Twitter Rant

Donald Trump is a compulsive, pathological liar who has been known to switch positions on any number of issues from the beginning to the end of a sentence. However, there is one issue that he has been remarkably consistent on: His refusal to ever, for any reason, criticize Russia or its autocratic, murderous leader, Vladimir Putin. Things came to a head on this front when, during his Super Bowl interview with Fox host Bill O’Reilly, Trump opted to put the actions of the American military on moral par with those of Putin’s murderous regime rather than risk angering the Russian dictator by acknowledging, as O’Reilly said, that Putin is a killer and his actions should be condemned.

Now, after that appallingly un-American statement, Trump is under fire from both the left and the right. So much so, in fact, that Democratic House of Representatives leader Nancy Pelosi actually openly said that she wants to find out what Putin has on Trump. Like always, Trump is cracking under all the pressure from the fallout of his remarks, and decided to take to Twitter in a hyper-defensive rant regarding the cloud of suspicion that continuously hangs over his potential ties and dealings with Russia:

This grows ever more suspicious by the day. This tweet is clearly a lie, just like everything else Trump says. Putin is clearly compromising him in some way. His behavior on this front compared to literally any other issue under the sun shows us that. The dangerous part of all of this comes down to the fact that if Putin is compromising Trump, he is also compromising America. Therefore, we MUST get to the bottom of this. #RESIST.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images