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Trump Just Tried To Flee His Own Presser, Gets SHUT DOWN By Japan’s Prime Minister (VIDEO)

In an attempt to avoid answering tough questions and revealing to America once again that he never should have been elected in the first place, Donald Trump tried to end his joint press conference with Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe early – and was promptly shut down by Abe himself.

Equipped with the attention span of a baby, Trump tried to end this presser after only taking three questions from the audience – and when he tried to say goodbye to the press, Abe refused. Trump said:

“I want to thank everybody in the room. We’re gonna have a tremendous relationship, long-term relationship of mutual benefit with Japan. Thank you all very much.”

Abe promptly showed Trump how real leaders should behave toward the press, and he told Trump “One more, one more” as he called on another journalist.

Trump was visibly pissed off and shrugged “Yeah, sure.” As the journalist asked the question and Trump responded, it was obvious that Trump was annoyed by having to stay on stage and do his job. He was probably daydreaming about his weekend at Mar-A-Lago and playing golf. At the end, Trump said:

“Mr. Prime Minister, what an honor. What a great honor. And let’s go to Florida!

I highly doubt that Abe would consider it to be an “honor” to meet Trump. Just look at how awkward their meeting earlier was, and pay attention to Abe’s face at the end after he shakes Trump’s hand:

Did you catch how bizarre that handshake was? Yeah, that’s how Trump shakes hands with everyone – you can see more proof of how weird it is here.

Featured image via Mario Tama / Getty Images