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Open Letter To Elected Democrats: STOP TRUMP

Hundreds of thousands of people aren’t marching in the streets right now because they want you to work with Trump on his agenda.

Every time a Democratic Senator votes for a Trump cabinet nominee the argument that “both sides do it” becomes more valid.

In case you haven’t noticed the Democratic base wants you to oppose everything the Trump party is doing tooth and nail, and I know corralling Democrats is like herding cats but guess what, if you can’t stop Senator Manchin from making you all look like assholes so he can appeal to Republicans in West Virginia who are NEVER going to vote for him in 2018 you are royally fucked right now.

I am not saying that valiant efforts by Senator Warren to call out Senator Jefferson Beauregard General Lee Sessions should go unnoticed, I am saying they are totally undermined when Senator Warren votes to move forward the wholly unqualified and ridiculous nomination to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Ben Carson who is a surgeon and part time Egyptologist who knows fuck all about urban development.

Elected Democrats just don’t get it. We don’t want you to work with the guy who needed to exploit racism, conspiracy theories, Russian interference and pussy grabbing misogyny to barely win the electoral college by 80k votes. I can’t work with someone who wins elections by making it harder for black people to vote and neither should you. I can’t work with someone who’s number one goal is kicking the Obama coalition in the teeth and it is stupid to do so.

If you want to demoralize the Democratic base keep voting for our So-Called President on confirming his grossly unqualified and ridiculous cabinet positions. If you want to give legitimacy to the “both sides do it” argument keep letting Joe Manchin vote for Trump’s cabinet so he can save his seat in West Virginia while Michigan and Pennsylvania become permanent Red States. We are calling it “The Resistance” not the “Maybe we can work with the deplorable Steve Bannon people on a fucking infrastructure bill” movement.

Get your shit together, elected Democrats. Get it all together and put it in a backpack, all your shit, so it’s together, and if you got to take it somewhere, take it somewhere, you know, take it to the shit store and sell it, or put it in a shit museum, I don’t care what you do, elected Democrats, but get your shit together, because this shit isn’t fucking cutting it.

*bonus points if you catch this reference

Get your shit together, elected Democrats, because our nation is depending on you getting your shit together, and working with Team Clownstick on their Ayn Randian nightmare of an agenda isn’t what the hundreds of thousands of unpaid protestors out there are demanding. Until you are fully opposed, down the line, to everything Trump is doing everything you are doing is just terrible.

Featured Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images