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Republican Obamacare Replacement Will Screw 99% Of America, Cut Taxes For The Rich

Without 60 votes to break a filibuster Congressional Republicans can’t fully repeal Obamacare but they can screw with the way the Affordable Care Act is financed. Using a legislative vehicle called reconciliation that only requires 51 votes to pass in the Senate Republicans are going to get rid of some of what Obamacare did and replace it with something that is better for rich people and corporations because when you are a Republican that’s what you do….

So if you were an elderly multi-millionaire who is worried that a poor elderly person might be  getting slightly more than you here come Congressional Republicans to ease your economic anxiety…

According to the New York Times:

Republicans in Congress have been saying for months that they are working on a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare in the Trump era. Now we have the outline of that plan, and it looks as if it would redirect federal support away from poorer Americans and toward people who are wealthier.

How exactly this Makes America Great Again is anyone’s guess, but as usual it covers the two bases any Republican budgetary idea must land upon, screwing the poor and working class while helping out the richest people in society who need that help the least of all, but this proposal doesn’t just screw the poor old for the rich old, it screws young people too…

That means that the biggest financial benefits would go to older Americans, like, say, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. If he didn’t have a job in the Trump cabinet and access to government coverage, a 64-year-old multimillionaire like him would get the same amount of financial assistance as someone his age, living in poverty, and he would get substantially more money than a poor, young person.

Most of this proposal centers around how funding for health care is distributed. Since there is nothing Republicans think can’t be fixed with tax cuts and tax credits that’s what you are going to get. One of the ideas in the proposal offers up health care savings accounts for all you young people who have extra money you aren’t using to just barely survive, but hey, it’s tax free, so as long as you can just save up the $100,000+ it costs for cancer treatment you will be in the clear. Totes.

Other proposals included ideas like “Don’t get sick” or the tried and true “You can always go to the Emergency Room” but when setting absurd right wing talking points to paper to come up with a coherent policy this is, so far, the best Republicans have come up with after 6 years of trying nothing and not getting anything to work.

Over at Politico we learn that the leaked GOP House version of the ACA replacement couples those tax cuts for the rich with a whole lot of less money to be spent on healthcare for the other 99% of Americans ….

Politico reports:

For example, the legislation would allow insurers to charge older customers up to five times as much as their younger counterparts. Currently, they can only charge them three times as much in premiums. The insurers have been pushing for that change.

The proposal also includes penalties for individuals who fail to maintain coverage continuously. If their coverage lapses and they decide to re-enroll, they would have to pay a 30 percent boost in premiums for a year. Like the unpopular individual mandate, that penalty is designed to discourage individuals from waiting until they get sick to get coverage.

Jacking up the amount the elderly will have to pay for healthcare is going to make shit extremely awkward for Republican politicians who rely heavily on the elderly for votes and screwing people who have to drop their coverage by jacking up their rates by a third only makes America great again for the health insurers, but that was the whole point.

The running theme here behind everyone of these Republican plans are more tax cuts for the rich and corporations, less healthcare money and higher rates for the rest of us.

You should definitely read both the NYTimes and Politico piece for more details about how the Republican party plans to screw us all so the rich and insurance industry can make off like bandits. What’s going to be really interesting is how these guys are going to head in to Congressional midterm re-elections after screwing over their voters. They will probably just blame it on Obama, though I am not sure if that will work.

Millions will lose their insurance. Millions more will no longer be able to afford their insurance. Some people will go bankrupt. People will die so that tax cuts for the rich can live. Or as Republicans call it; Freedom.

Stay outraged, my friends.