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‘But Trump Said You Would Pay,’ Conan Begs For Border Wall Donations In Mexico

Though Congressional leadership has rallied behind a bill to get the border wall started, Trump’s biggest campaign promise faces a number of difficulties. Recent concerns have been raised about the projects feasibility, cost and environmental impact. Not to mention that many experts say the wall won’t actually reduce the number of illegal crossings substantially.

One main issue in terms of cost is the fact that Trump didn’t put any thought into the idea when he was origionally running for office. He seems to have arrived at his initial estimate simply by taking the cost of a section of the wall and multiplying it out by the distance. But that doesn’t take a number of geological issues into account. The border crosses through mountains, forests, wetlands and a good deal of sand and clay areas that some say are impossible to build on.

And the reason that many in Congress are saying they don’t want to spend billions on the project is because Trump himself claimed that the project would be essentially free. “Mexico will pay,” he would often shout at rallies. And his supporters actually believed him.

Enter Conan O’Brien. A late night talk show host with a knack for ‘man on the street’ segments. In his latest, Conan traveled across the border to ask the Mexican people whether or not they’d be interested in donating to Trump’s cause.

He spun the request as a sort of charity complete with spanish catch phrases and a heirarchy of gifts for larger donations. It probably goes without saying that no one in Mexico was interested in handing over any money for the cause. But several people were interested in talking to the late night star and laughing with him about America’s bizarre new president.

Here’s The Full Video:

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