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Impeach Trump NOW — Here’s HOW

Did Trump and his campaign team commit treason? Is Trump violating our constitution’s emoluments clause? If so he must be impeached. Here is the why and how…

Article III section 3 of the US Constitution states “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

Russia engaged in cyber-war against America’s election process. That is a fact. If Trump and his campaign team knew of this and offered any aid or comfort that is a treasonous offense. It is frankly that simple. America deserves to know what happened and if treason took place. If the Trump team was working with Russian officials after the hack of the Democratic Party last year what else would you call that other than aid?

Seriously, man. Treason. For all those people out there who claim to love and uphold the Constitution and those sworn to defend it this is much more ripe for investigation than, say, someone’s private email server.

While we are at it let’s throw a violation of the emoluments clause in to our Articles of Impeachment, I mean, it isn’t treason but the emoluments clause exists to prevent the same conflict of interest, which is not letting an America office holder get bribed into fucking over America for their own personal profit.

Article I section 9 of the US Constitution states that no one who holds office without consent from Congress can accept gifts, profits or titles from a foreign states.

The President of the United States can not be allowed to make decisions that hurts America but personally profits himself. Since our So-Called President refuses to release his tax returns We The People have no idea what our President* is invested in or whether he is personally profiting on decisions made by his regime.

The Emoluments clause of the Constitution exists for a reason, which is to ensure that no one who holds office in America can accept gifts from a foreign power or make a profit off of the office they hold with a foreign state. Trump is already doing exactly that with his hotels which rent space to many foreign entities like Chinese state owned banks and foreign ambassadors visiting America. How are other hotels supposed to compete for that business against the current Presidents hotels? This seems like small potatoes but without knowing the true extent to Trump’s holdings we have no idea how deeply he is in violation of the Constitution, which, last I check was supposed to fucking mean something around here.

Both these cases deserve serious investigation at least on par with having a private email server or getting a blowjob. Fucking seriously. Did our So-Called President work with a foreign power to tip the results of our elections? Is our President* screwing over America so he can make a personal profit from foreign entities? Only Congress can begin the necessary investigations required to make sure that the man who swore to defend our nation and our constitution is not in violation of our constitution or working with foreign powers (Russia) before, during or after they attacked our nation And Russia, indeed, did attack our nation. That is just a fact.

The Impeachment process begins in the House of Representatives. If real investigations are going to take place this is where it will begin. Will the Republicans who control Congress begin the process of investigating Trump? The signs point to hell no, because screwing over the average American to benefit a small, wealthy few is the only reason other than hate that the GOP still exists, so what is a little thing like treason against America to them if it hurts their political opponents and helps them gain greater power? The Republican party put their party over our country’s well-being long ago, that much is painfully obvious by now. Maybe, maybe if they feared losing their political careers Congressional Republicans might be encouraged to investigate Trump, but even then most likely won’t. A Democratic Congress is far more likely to investigate Trump and discover if he committed Treason and is violating the constitutions emoluments clause. The only way we will find out is if there is an investigation that is at least as vigorous as an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s fucking emails.

Our So-Called President must also be forced to release his taxes and if Trump has any conflicts of interest that violate the Constitution he should be forced to divest from those business entirely or resign from office. Hell, we made Jimmy Carter sell his fucking peanut farm, why shouldn’t Trump be forced to do the same? If Trump would rather be a real-estate business man than our full-time on the job President he can just resign and go back to his businesses, but he can’t do both.

Similarly, a full, independent investigation must be made over whether Trump and his campaign team were involved with the Russian Governments cyber-attack on our nation’s electoral process.

I mean fuck, they impeached Bill Clinton for lying under Oath about a blowjob. I’m pretty sure treason and fucking over America for a personal profit rank higher up the ladder of High Crimes than lying about blowjobs for fucks sake.

End rant.

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