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Air Force One Greeted By Massive Booing Crowd In Kentucky; Best Thing You’ll See Today (VIDEO)

As Donald Trump likes to boast and brag that he’s greeted with fanfare wherever he goes, be aware that he’s picking and choosing which audiences he wants to actually show. After all, the guy worked on television and is good at bending the truth into something more entertaining for an audience to view at home.

While Trump shows these pictures at his ego-stroking rally in Louisville, Kentucky:

There were actually crowds of folks awaiting his arrival and weren’t exactly happy he was there.

Watch here:

Those aren’t exactly cheers, and it’s most definitely not any form of fanfare.

Sure, there are Trump supporters in Kentucky. After all, the state went red for him in the 2016 election, and undoubtedly he’ll mention that in his ego-stroking speech to his blind followers fans rally attendees. However, there are also folks who aren’t too pleased with the job he’s doing, nor the fact that those within his campaign are currently being investigated for ties to Russia throughout the presidential race.

Nonetheless, good on these folks for turning out to protest Trump. He needs to know that even though he only focuses on those that adore him, there are those who would like to see him impeached as well.

Featured Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images