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CNN Anchor Slams GOP Live As Trumpcare Bill Dies Without A Vote In The House (VIDEO)

Just one hour before Paul Ryan postponed the Trumpcare vote, Press Secretary Sean Spicer promised reporters that the bill would pass even though he couldn’t explain how that was possible. Just as Jake Tapper’s program began he paused to cover the breaking news that the Republican Healthcare bill had not only failed to pass but even to secure a vote for itself in the House of Representatives:

Seven years ago, the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare was signed into law by President Obama and since that time Republicans have been planning, hoping, dreaming for this day, the moment where they could finally repeal Obamacare and replace it with their solution to the nation’s health care mess.

He then went on to point out that the failure not only proved that Republicans never had any idea how to replace Obamacare but that they wouldn’t even have the capacity to implement a plan if they had one:

Now weeks after optimistic talk from house leaders, declarations from White House secretary Sean Spicer that ‘the bill will pass the House tonight and there is no Plan B,’ well, the bill was in such peril Republican leaders pulled it and postponed the vote. And what critics are calling an ’embarrassing and ignominious move,’ so humiliating, it signifies the only thing worse would have been to actually bring it to a vote where Republican leaders were apparently confident it would die.

What makes the failure even more damning is that, in an effort to prop up the bill, its supporters made a number of threats about what would happen if it failed. Trump promised that many Republicans would lose their seats in 2018, Spicer admitted there was no Plan B and Paul Ryan said it would be hard for the GOP to accomplish anything else if they failed at this first task. Whatever mandate Republicans had after the election, if any, is now officially over.

Here’s the Video of Jake Tapper Reacting to The House’s Announcement:

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