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Trump’s Roger Stone Sends INSANE Letter To CNN; THREATENS To ‘Spank’ Investigators (DETAILS)

Close friend and former adviser to President Trump, Roger Stone is one of countless individuals currently under investigation for ties to Russia. Though few details about the investigation have been released so far, it would appear that a number of people within the Trump campaign contacted Russian officials with the express purpose of encouraging the Kremlin to interfere with the US election.

This accusation alone, if it can be proven, is likely enough to lead to Trump’s impeachment. If investigators can prove that these individuals offered to help Russia using Trump’s presidential powers then the allegations may amount to charges of treason.

Roger Stone, for one, seems to be panicking as the FBI and other investigators slowly tighten their grip on the administration. In a bizarre letter, received on Thursday by CNN, Stone cried slander and described the House Intelligence committee hearings as a “kangaroo court.” Meanwhile, allegations have arisen that the committee chair Devin Nunes (also formerly involved in the Trump campaign) may be obstructing the investigation in favor of the administration.


As one might expect, Stone sites no evidence in an attempt to angrily clear his own name. Instead he engages in a barrage of name calling and strange threats. At one point Stone says of investigators that:

I will deconstruct their lies and spank them like children.

He goes on to describe Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) as a “pretty boy” and a “first term mannequin,” as well as suggesting that ranking committee member Adam Schiff (D-CA) is now “backing away” from his original statements about the seriousness of the Trump investigation. However, just the night before the letter was received Schiff publicly suggested that the allegations were not only troubling but that they deserved an independent investigation.

It appears that the Trump administration’s Alternative reality may finally be losing steam with American voters, as the billionaire and his allies continue to make more and more bizarre and sensational claims to try and keep their media circus afloat. Trump’s approval ratings continue to dip and a recent poll found that less than 20% of Americans believe his wiretap story. Meanwhile, the reality of Trump’s election and the back-room deals that seem to have secured it are slowly rising to the forefront.

Featured Image via Joe Raedle/Getty