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Gowdy Proves He’s Willing To Go Down With The Ship; Defends Intel Leaks (VIDEO)

In an interview on Fox News late Monday, Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) laughed off the suggestion that fellow Republican Devin Nunes (R-CA) should step down as Intelligence Committee Chair. He said that the push to oust Nunes was ridiculous because he’d done nothing wrong. Repeatedly he characterized Nunes’ leaks as nothing more than the House Intelligence Chair briefing the Commander in Chief.

The problem with that narrative was that since Nunes never told his colleagues within the committee about the information but instead went straight to the white house, it can not be seen as any sort of official breifing or part of the investigation. Nor does an ‘official briefing’ explain why Nunes then chose to tell the press about the information in a vague way that seemed to confirm President Trump’s allegations that the Obama administration wiretapped him.

Only later, after Trump’s surrogates had an opportunity to go on a ‘vindication’ tour of major news networks did Nunes confess that the information didn’t show that any illegal wiretapping had taken place. He later added that the source of the information met him in the White House. Not to mention that committee members don’t generally brief presidents about their own investigations.

Representative Gowdy’s lack of concern for due process was even more shocking because he went on to criticize Democrats for doing the exact same thing. He characterized the leaks coming out about Trump as illegal, the only actual crimes being committed and suggested that Democrats were being inappropriate for listening to those leaks. Yet in the case of the Trump administration he said verbatim that he “didn’t think Nunes’ source mattered so long as the information was accurate.” But as we already know from Nunes’ own admissions his information was misleading and potentially illegal.

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