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Russian Mobsters Played a Key Role In Developing Trump Real Estate Empire (VIDEO)


During the campaign Trump billed himself as someone who hired ” the best people, the greatest people. They’ll be so great, you’ll be sick of great people.” However, as more and more information comes out about some of the ‘great’ people Trump has worked with in the past he’s tried to distance himself from them.

Most recently, USA today uncovered at least 10 individuals who’ve been highly involved in Trump’s Real Estate empire who work for various government-installed Russian criminal organizations. The president took part in a global ring that exchanged money for influence. His Russian business partners, almost without exception, acquired their money by illegal means. In one incident, a former mayor emptied his town of millions in resources and then used it to purchase condos in LA in partnership with Trump.

Yet despite Trump’s robust involvement in Russian businesses both legal and otherwise, he told the American people in February that:

I have no dealings with Russia. I have no deals that could happen in Russia, because we’ve stayed away. And I have no loans with Russia. I have no loans with Russia at all.

That statement is demonstrably false. Trump’s son Donald Jr. once summarized their business dealings on Russian state run television saying: “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross section of a lot of our assets.” One of Trump’s former business contacts in the US corroborate that story with USA Today:

New York City real estate broker Dolly Lenz told USA TODAY she sold about 65 condos in Trump World at 845 U.N. Plaza in Manhattan to Russian investors, many of whom sought personal meetings with Trump for his business expertise.

“I had contacts in Moscow looking to invest in the United States,” Lenz said. “They all wanted to meet Donald. They became very friendly.” Many of those meetings happened in Trump’s office at Trump Tower or at sales events, Lenz said.

There is a paper thin line of civility that still keeps Washington DC proceeding as if nothing were wrong, even if some of the talking points are a bit more bizarre than Americans are accustomed to. But now the FBI is openly investigating a sitting president for what may amount to treason and even the embattled media is beginning to put the pieces together. The line won’t hold for much longer.

Featured Image via Justin Sullivan/Getty