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Trump Is In DESPERATE Legal Fight To Keep This Former Employee From Testifying (VIDEO)

Sean Spicer said Tuesday that the administration was completely unconcerned by revelations that former Attorney General Sally Yates might share with investigators. “I hope she does,” he said. But official documents exchanged by the administration’s legal team tell a very different story.

As they see it everything Yates may have witnessed while working with the DOJ under President Trump is privileged to such a degree that it would be illegal for her to testify even to Congress. The administration even threatened legal action against her. But ultimately the whole process was put on hold when House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes delayed the hearing indefinitely. Yates now says that she plans to speak with the Senate Intelligence Committee instead.

Yates came into conflict with the administration earlier this year when she attempted to warn them that Micheal Flynn had not only met with Russian officials but lied to Congress about it. Instead of being thanked for her professional behavior she was fired within days.

She later admitted that she had warned the administration weeks before the story about Flynn appeared in the media. Meaning that at least some members of the Trump team were aware of Flynn’s behavior and chose not to act on it until it became a serious scandal in the press.

It’s thought that Yates’ testimony would firmly prove that Vice President Mike Pence knew about Micheal Flynn weeks before he was fired. This means that his statements saying that he had no knowledge about Flynn’s meetings and that he was lied to were both false.

If Yates knows anymore she hasn’t hinted at what it might be. But between the administrations efforts to silence her and Republican efforts to deny her an audience it seems as though there may be a lot more to come soon.

Here’s The Full Story Via The Washington Post:

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