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The #RESISTANCE Hits Trump National Golf Club In Way He CANNOT Ignore (IMAGE)

Most of the country is very upset with the disaster that is the Donald Trump presidency. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Trump’s properties are a target of members of the #RESISTANCE. That fact came into play over the weekend, when the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia was vandalized by anti-Trump activists. Apparently, they covered rocks in spray paint, dug holes on the golf course, bleached the pristine grass, and made sure Trump knew who they were by painting the word ‘resist’ on a fairway. Here is an image of that damage:

Now, of course damaging property is NOT the way to go when trying to send a message. Vandalism is a crime, and should be condemned. However, this is just another sign of the chaos, division, discord, and anxiety the Trump presidency is sowing around the nation.

Trump is bad for America, and he and his cronies need to wake up and realize that their agenda is full of things most Americans despise. Trump cannot ignore these signs, and will do so at his own peril.

Featured images Ian MacNicol /Stringer/Getty Images