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GOP Civil War Heats Up As White House THREATENS Paul Ryan Over Healthcare (DETAILS)

The GOP has always had an uneasy relationship with Donald Trump. This is especially true of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), who only endorsed Trump because he had no choice in the matter. Now that he has to work with Trump’s dysfunctional White House, Ryan seems even more uneasy. It’s even worse for him now, since the spectacularly humiliating failure of the health care bill a couple of weeks ago. Now, it seems that the White House is giving Ryan an ultimatum: Find a way to pass healthcare reform or lose the Speaker’s gavel.

This news comes amid reports that there was a meeting between high-ranking White House aides and members of the House GOP Conference. According to a source who is aware of what is going on with the situation, the meeting was off the rails:

“It was really bad. They were in total meltdown, total chaos mode.”

In addition to that, former Republican National Committee Spokesman and current White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus seemed to throw a hint that if Ryan can’t pass the bill, he might not be Speaker anymore. Priebus was joined in the fray on the White House side by Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and Vice President Mike Pence. There was also pressure on Ryan to find a way to make the House Freedom Caucus happy with a new version of the bill, and to make sure that there was some kind of vote prior to the upcoming recess. The entire meeting was referred to as “tense” by sources inside the room.

Of course, Paul Ryan’s spokewoman, Ashlee Strong, denies all of this. She said of the meeting:

“The president and the speaker had a very good, long conversation last night and they remain fully on the same page on the path ahead.”

Now, how the White House can threaten another co-equal branch of government and gt away with it, I have no idea. But then again, this is Donald Trump’s White House, so of course they did it. If Paul Ryan and his pals on the Hill have any sense, they’ll check and balance this president, as is their job, and stop letting him and the incompetent authoritarians inside the White House call all the shots.

At the end of the day, Paul Ryan made a deal with the devil to get his way, and he now HAS to be regretting it.

Featured image via Olivier Douliery / Stringer/Getty Images