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Trump EXPLODES As Son-In-Law’s Fight With Steve Bannon Threatens To DESTROY Presidency (DETAILS)

The White House is an absolute disaster, even when Donald Trump isn’t the cause of the issues.

The latest drama happens to be between Trump’s two right-hand men, son-in-law Jared Kushner and Trump’s top aide, former Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon. Apparently things have gotten so bad between these two that Trump had to force them to have a sit-down when they got to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort earlier today.

According to Politico, the tension between Kushner and Bannon reached a breaking point and had gotten so intolerable that Trump – who is a child himself – had to step in and treat them like actual toddlers. Politico reported:

“The sit-down, which was confirmed by two White House officials, was an attempt to smooth over tensions between the two men, which have dominated headlines for days. Whether the meeting was successful in creating a détente – and how long it lasts – is an open question, especially in a White House that has been dominated by infighting.”

Seriously, things in the White House couldn’t be more embarrassing. While Trump continues to insist that everything is running smoothly, there is no denying that the Trump administration is unraveling as Trump’s mounting failures – such as his Muslim travel ban and health care bill – are putting pressure on staff.

Politico stated that the disagreements between Kushner and Bannon “centers on policy differences” and competing for Trump’s attention:

“The fight, people in the administration say, centers on policy differences. Bannon, White House chief strategist, is a flame-throwing populist who formerly ran Breitbart News. He has criticized Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, for his more politically moderate approach. Kushner is suspicious of Bannon’s fiery style and has been concerned about how he’s influencing the president.”

Bannon’s followers have further ignited his feud with Kushner, and they are upset that Trump might listen to Kushner over the white supremacist. Bannon has previously called Kushner a “cuck” and a “globalist”, and his supporters have been right behind him. Yesterday, Bannon’s supporters attacked Kushner using a #FireKushner hashtag.

It’s uncertain whether or not Trump’s little sit down with Kushner and Bannon worked, but just the fact that it had to be done is humiliating enough.

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