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Trump’s Secretary Of State Goes ROGUE, Admits Syria Missile Strike Had No Purpose (VIDEO)

There have now been several reports stating that Donald Trump’s disastrous decision to attack Syria with missiles was nothing more than a PR stunt to make Trump look more powerful and get him some good press. As the disturbing details behind the decision become clearer, it’s more obvious that Trump does not have a broader strategy for Syria, and this missile strike was all for fun and games.

Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has just confirmed this during an interview on ABC’s This Week, when he admitted that Trump’s attack on Syria was never meant to remove or weaken Assad, because Trump is actually using Assad’s assistance to defeat ISIS. Basically, Trump’s missile strike was nothing more than an act.

Host George Stephanopoulus asked Tillerson, “On Thursday night, President Trump called on all civilized nations to end the slaughter in Syria and you said the United States has begun to organize a coalition to remove Assad, so in the wake of Thursday’s strike, can you explain the United States’ strategy to remove Assad?”

Tillerson didn’t hesitate to trash Trump and throw him under the bus, revealing that Trump is working with Assad:

” Well, George, I think our strategy in Syria, as you know, our priority is first the defeat of ISIS, remove them from access to the Khalifade (phonetic) because that’s where the threat to the homeland and to so many other homelands of our coalition partners is emanating from. Once we can eliminate the battle against ISIS, conclude that and it is going quite well, then we hope to turn our attention to cease fire agreements between the regime and opposition forces. In that regard, we are hopeful that we can work with Russia and use their influence to achieve areas of stabilization throughout Syria and create the conditions for a political process through Geneva in which we can engage all of the parties on the way forward and it is through that political process that we believe the Syrian people will awfully be able to decide the fate of Bashar al-Assad.”

Tillerson continued:

“The situation in Syria relative to the battlefield is quite complex because there are multiple engagements under way. As I said, we have the war to defeat ISIS in which many of those battle plans are being coordinated between the US, its coalition agreements, Turkey, some of the Syrian opposition and others and it is being coordinated somewhat with the Syrian regime and the Russian forces to put pressure on ISIS to eliminate them.”

Tillerson has basically ratted Trump out for partnering with Assad in combating ISIS, and admitting the POTUS sent an empty threat to the country to mislead everyone else. Trump isn’t trying to make a statement on Assad at all – he just wanted to get some good press and make a fool out of the American people.

You can watch Tillerson go rogue on Trump below:

Featured image via Pool / Getty Images