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Trump SHOCKED As His Approval Rating Makes An Unexpected Turn After Syria Attack (DETAILS)

Donald Trump’s approval rating has been steadily plummeting ever since he took office, and nothing he does seems to be helping.

Trump’s decision last week to attack Syria without Congressional approval was yet another one of his pathetic attempts to feed his ego by trying to look like a strong leader and get some good press.

But did bombing a regime like Assad’s – which is responsible for killing innocent babies and unimaginable brutality – help Trump? It turns out, Trump’s presidency is such a mess that not even bombing a baby murderer can save his approval rating. According to the latest Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, Trump’s presidency is continuing its downward spiral:

So while it might seem that Trump’s approval rating should get a little bump from his missile attack of the Assad regime, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Trump’s pathetic approval rating is basically an unstoppable train wreck at this point, and there’s almost nothing he can do about it. If there was one thing that should have helped him out, it should have been a missile strike at a brutal dictator like Assad. But once again, Trump proved that he is beyond saving.

Over the last six days alone, Trump’s approval rating plummeted another two points. His approval rating on job performance has decreased from 42% to 40%, and his disapproval rating is now hanging around the 54 – 52% range.

Thanks to Trump’s reckless attack on Syria, America is in even more danger than before. Russia and Iran are NOT happy with the United States thanks to Trump, and have even spoken about retaliation measures. The majority of Americans now resent Trump for compromising America in this way, and the only way he will ever win their approval is if he gets the hell out of the White House.

Featured image via Win McNamee / Getty Images