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Putin Makes STUNNING Accusation Against Trump; Bromance OVER (VIDEO)

While Donald Trump has never been more pleased with himself than after he decided to attack Syria without Congressional approval, his old friend Russian leader Vladimir Putin apparently feels very differently about it.

As Syria is one of Russia’s allies, Trump’s missile attack seems to have caused things to go sour between Putin and the undeserving POTUS that Russia helped win the election. After the missile strike, Putin threatened America with retaliation, and today the Russian President resorted to spreading conspiracy theories about the United States, accusing Trump of planning a false flag operation against Assad.

“We have information from different sources that these provocations – I cannot call them otherwise – are being prepared in other regions of Syria, including in the southern suburbs of Damascus where there are plans to throw some substance and accuse the official Syrian authorities.”

Clearly taking a page directly from Trump’s book, Putin refused to give any evidence for this allegation. Putin also compared Trump’s missile strike to the beginnings of the 2003 Iraq War:

“This resembles very much the situation of 2003 and the war in Iraq…There was a campaign launched in Iraq; and it finished with the destruction of the country, the growth of the terrorist threat, and the emergence of ISIS on the international arena.”

Putin suggested that the chemical weapons attack – which Trump used to justify why he needed to strike the Syrian airbase with missiles – should be investigated. He said:

“We plan to turn to the United Nations bodies in The Hague and call on the global community to thoroughly investigate into this incident and make balanced decisions based on the investigation’s outcome.”

Trump’s relationship with Putin has been strange and troubling from the start, but it seems to be breaking down now. Unfortunately, it is putting America in an extremely vulnerable position as Trump’s carelessness continues to piss off his old hostile friend.

Here’s a report on Putin’s latest condemnation of Trump:

Featured image via Marianna Massey and Scott Olson / Getty Images