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Trump Just Tried To Prove Syrians Are ‘Grateful’ He Bombed Them In The Most DISGUSTING Way (TWEET)

While most of the world is absolutely horrified by how Donald Trump’s attack on Syria played out, Trump remains completely oblivious to how he’s screwing things up and continues to gloat over it. Apparently, he just can’t get over the few positive reactions to his missile attacks, and has shown the heartlessness of his ego in his latest Twitter gaffe.

Earlier this morning, Trump retweeted a Fox News report that claimed Syrian citizens were actually “grateful” that Trump bombed their country – so much so that one Syrian said they’d name their child “Donald”, after the president who attacked them. For Trump to retweet this is disgraceful and tasteless – it’s as if he’s celebrating violence and putting innocent lives at risk.

Trump may have gotten a few positive reactions for his Tomahawk missile strike, but let’s remember that he didn’t actually accomplish anything. Trump launched this attack without any broader strategy for the Assad regime, and his attack didn’t have any impact on Syria – Syrian war planes continued to carry out business as usual the very next day.

It’s also worth noting that Trump retweeting how grateful Syrians are for his reckless attack is particularly disgusting considering how cold-blooded he was toward Syrian refugees during his presidential campaign. Trump called those refugees “vicious snakes” and even said he’d turn a Syrian child away from America if they were trying to escape war. Trump infamously said:

“I can look in their faces and say ‘You can’t come.’ I’ll look them in the face.”

Based on that statement alone, no Syrian child should ever be named after Trump. Trump does not care about Syria at all; he merely attacked the airbase to make himself look like a strong leader. However, his retweet boldly shows that Trump thinks he deserves all the credit and high praise, and he doesn’t mind exploiting (or bombing) people in order to get it.

Featured image via Win McNamee / Getty Images