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Trump Is A F**king Disaster, Stop Trying To Make Sense Of Him (OPEN LETTER TO NEWS MEDIA)

This is an open letter to the news media desperately seeking to make sense of Donald Trump:

Ever since the start of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the news media, mainly the major brands of news, have been all over the now president. They’ve been covering every word he says, every action he takes, and it subsequently gave him all the air time his tiny heart desired without having to drop a dime on it.

On the eve of the 2016 election, everyone assumed that Hillary Clinton was going to walk away with the victory. No one paid mind to the fact that they had been propping Trump up on a pedestal for the previous 15 months.

Trump is a character. He’s amusing. No doubt about that, and he worked that to his advantage at every turn. In fact, Trump seemed to know how outrageous he was and decided to go all in. No turning back. Why the f*ck not? People were eating it up. Those who loved him and those who hated him.

Now that Trump is president (pending the investigation into Russian meddling and possible collusion), the media seems dumbfounded at how Trump could actually be in the Oval Office. However, when looking at it, it makes perfect sense. Trump glided into the White House on hundreds of hours of free media coverage, and any negative coverage only helped serve Trump more because it made his supporters feel they needed to stand up for the creep.

Watching the news now, sans perhaps Rachel Maddow who is the only one properly covering the Russian investigation out of all the major news networks, is practically impossible because it’s so remarkably infuriating.


He doesn’t make sense. Nothing he is doing is normal. Nothing he is doing should ever be made to even remotely appear to be normal.

He’s a f*cking disaster.

He’s trying to ban Muslims, much to no avail. He’s trying to stop women from having access to healthcare. He’s spending every weekend at one of his Trump branded resorts at the expense of taxpayers. His foreign policy is a disaster — he’s either ruining relationships, bombing nations, or starting potential new wars.

He has no f*cking idea what he is doing.


That’s all you need to report. That, and Russia. Report on f*cking Russia, who is trying to dismantle democracy in the United States to their own advantage. Stop playing to Trump. Stop trying to make sense of him. He’s terrible. Absolutely awful — and racist — and sexist — and Islamophobic — and exactly who Wall Street adores because he’s playing politics with the market with every tweet or move.

Either do America a favor and actually report the news or don’t bother. Talking heads isn’t news. Trying to makes sense of a madman isn’t news. Report what is happening. Please.


Featured Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images