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Disturbing Photos Uncovered Showing Trump With Wives; Reveals What He Thinks Of Women

It can easily be said that Donald Trump feels he’s worthy of being worshiped. His narcissism is as nauseating as it is palpable, and he has absolutely no problem telling people how wonderful he thinks he is.

Trump also seems to think that men are dominant over women and they would be nothing without them. This has been shown time and time again, from telling women how they should dress on the job, to thinking that just because he is famous he can make sexual advances on them.

Now, photos have recently been uncovered showing Trump with two out of his three wives. In these photos, he’s feeding them, and he’s also holding one of their hands in each photo. This would be romantic if not for the fact it looks like he’s restraining them. They are disturbing, to say the least. It also reveals that these women shouldn’t ever dare bite the hand that feeds them, so to speak.

Here are the photos, which really aren’t new, but recently rediscovered. The first with Melania, the second with Marla Maples:

Of course, there will be some that say these photos are “romantic.” They’re not. They’re gross. Not just because it’s Trump, but also the underlying imagery that it displays. Also, why does he do the same photo with each wife? Perhaps because he seeks the need to feel dominant.

Nonetheless, it’s clear Trump wanted these photos to be taken. It wasn’t a romantic moment, they were staged for public consumption. Just like everything he does. Remember that.

Featured Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images