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Intel Insiders: Expect The First Big Arrests In Trump Russia Scandal As Early As Next Week

Many people have been wondering why Donald Trump is all of a sudden bombing everyone he can think of.  Well, it might be because intelligence insiders are predicting that the first major arrests related to the Trump/Russia scandal may happen as early as next week.

Louise Mensch, the woman who broke the “FISA warrant” story that was the basis for many of Donald Trump’s Twitter tantrums, says that arrests related to The Donald’s team’s collusion with Russia are going to happen sooner than you think.

It all began when Twitter user @SheWhoVotes posted on Twitter that New York Attorney General Schneiderman and intelligence agencies are “going to take out the entire three ring circus” that is the Trump administration.

Now, Laura is a constitutional lawyer and it’s possible that she does have inside information, but what makes this interesting is that Mensch confirmed the claim, adding that arrests could come as early as next week.

Do we know for certain that this information is accurate? Of course not — but with Trump’s recent public panic and his attempts to distract by blowing sh*t up and complaining that the FBI didn’t arrest Hillary means that something is up.

For now, take this with a grain of salt. Mensch, after all, is wrong more than she is right — but she has broken a huge story on this topic (people called her crazy for the FISA revelation too), she makes Republicans livid, and it’s not just her saying it so it’s worth keeping in mind if and when arrests do happen.

Recently, the FBI leaked that they had been investigating former Trump advisor Carter Page for his ties to Russia and Michael Flynn is publicly begging for immunity in exchange for his testimony. With Trump doing all he can to keep everyone’s mind on the numerous other ways in which he is fucking up the country, it seems entirely plausible that something is going on that has the Orange Menace and his entire team terrified. Now, we just need to wait to find out for certain what that is.

Featured image via Getty Images/Scott Olson