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Russia Having Buyer’s Remorse Over Trump; Kremlin Media NOT Happy (DETAILS)

Donald Trump is a very dangerous president. He is ignorant of policy both foreign and domestic, he has insulted our allies and taunted and antagonized our adversaries, and now he has discovered that he can play with his new toys – bombs. This is dangerous not just for America, but for the world at large as well. Most of us have known this ever since he launched his travesty of a campaign, but a few dimwitted voters in a few key states elected this buffoon anyway. Well, the realization that Trump is dangerous to the nation and world at large is now being voiced by a most curious source: The Kremlin.

We all know by now that the Russians helped elect Trump by running a sophisticated campaign of hacking and misinformation all during the 2016 campaign that was designed to hurt Hillary Clinton and elect Donald Trump. Well, now Russia’s Kremlin-run network has harsh words for Trump, when once they only had praise.

Russia 1’s Dmitry Kiselyov said on his program on Monday that Trump is even more dangerous than North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un. He went on to say that Trump is, quote, “more impulsive and unpredictable” Than the leader of the isolated land in the north of the Korean Peninsula, and therefore more dangerous. Kiselyov continued with a grave warning:

“The world is a hair’s breadth from nuclear war. War can break out as a result of confrontation between two personalities; Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un. Both are dangerous, but who is more dangerous? Trump is.”

Now, if a Kremlin mouthpiece of all people is warning the world that Trump is too dangerous to be president, you know something is wrong. These people did all they could to install Trump  in the Oval Office, and they succeeded. Now, they have buyer’s remorse and are warning that the guy is likely to end civilization as we know it. They think he is that crazy.

Wake up, America. I never thought I’d say this, but listen to the Russians on this one.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images