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Trump Bullies GOP House Candidate Over Special Election; It’s CRINGEWORTHY (DETAILS)

Donald Trump does not understand that he is not a dictator. People say that he is learning that; after all, the judiciary has blocked some of his crazier plans, such as the Muslim ban and the order to defund sanctuary cities, and his healthcare bills keep dying very painful deaths in the House of Representatives. However, that has not stopped him from regularly attacking judges over rulings he dislikes, and nor has it stopped him from trying to make demands of the GOP-led Congress – all to no avail. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Trump is now bullying a GOP House candidate in a special election.

Karen Handel (R-GA) is facing Democrat Jon Ossoff in the runoff in a special election that has gotten national attention. Ossoff is seen as a rising Democratic Party star, and came less than two points from winning that seat in that red district outright. That race is also seen as an early indicator of the mood of the nation, and what to expect in 2018. Therefore, Trump had to flex his presidential bullying muscles at Handel, and demanded a win from her in the runoff. Trump has been campaigning for Handel, and at an event at Atlanta’s Capitol City Club, people at the event report that Trump looked right at Handel and demanded:

“You’d better win.”

As much as I don’t want this woman to win, I can only imagine how intimidated she felt with Trump in her face like that. Of course she wants to win. She wouldn’t be there if she didn’t. She cannot control what the voters do. All she can do is give the race her all and declare victory or concede defeat on the night of her special election – depending on what the voters want.

Trump has no concept of what a democracy is. More proof that he is a danger to the republic.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images