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BREAKING: Trump Is About To Make It Legal To Discriminate Against LGBTQ People Nationwide

Backing away from yet another promise he made on the campaign trail, Donald Trump is proving that he is no friend or ally of the LGBTQ community.

This Thursday, Trump is expected to sign a “religious liberty” executive order.

According to POLITICO:

“The signing would represent a major triumph for Vice President Mike Pence—whose push for religious-freedom legislation backfired mightily when he served as governor of Indiana—and his allies in the conservative movement.”

Here’s the leaked draft that The Nation obtained back in February.

This order would be a win for anti-freedom social conservatives who feel the need to control the lives of others because they can’t handle anything different from their myopic world views. Conservatives like Mike Pence, who signed a similar discriminatory law in Indiana that subsequently gave businesses permission to openly discriminate.

Mic reports:

“According to the draft order, “any organization, including closely held for-profit corporations” can cite religious freedom in order to exempt themselves from recognizing same-sex marriage, transgender rights or contraception and abortion services.

The draft text is similar to other religious freedom bills passed throughout the country, which have sparked controversy and condemnation.”

This order isn’t only discriminatory, it’s dangerous, and could quite literally cost people their lives if they were to be turned away medically for reasons surrounding their sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s basically a permission slip for open discrimination.

In a statement, the ACLU said:

“If President Trump signs an executive order that attempts to provide a license to discriminate against women or LGBT people, we will see him in court.”

And as we all know by now, Trump has been losing time and time again for his unconstitutional executive orders in court.

We must not stand for this. We will fight back. Our voices will be heard!

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