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Twitter Collectively Cringes As Trump’s Lawyer Posts “Spank Bank Material” Of His Own Daughter (TWEETS)

Donald Trump’s creepy comments about his daughter have gotten a lot of attention, but his attorney just accidentally revealed that incestuous overtones kinda just run in the Trump clan in general.

On Sunday, Donald Trump’s lawyer — the same one who argued that it is impossible to rape one’s own wife when Donald Trump was confronted with his ex-wife’s allegations that he “raped” her — posted a photo of his daughter in a bra and leggings. The photo itself is very classy and she looks beautiful. Black and white absolutely suits her. But many noticed that it was a bit…ok, very…creepy that he would post this particular photo of all the ones he could have chosen while bragging about her beauty.

One person responded by putting this post in perspective perfectly.

“POTUS wants to date his daughter, the VP calls his wife “mother,” and DJT’s attorney posts spank-bank material of his daughter,” a woman by the name of Bonnie Bratnober responded.


Donald Trump has said on multiple occasions that he would date his daughter under most circumstances (the only thing preventing it is that Ivanka is his daughter, he admits). He has also been photographed in many suggestive poses with her. Mike Pence, a person straight out of a horror film centered on  whatever the fuck goes on in the basement of the 200-year-old home of a super-religious quasi-incestuous family from a village so backwoods it doesn’t even show up on GPS or maps, does indeed call his wife “Mother.”   And many creeps would, of course, consider that photo “spank bank material.”

Now, Cohen could have ignored this correct assessment of the creepiness of the situation. After all, it’s Twitter. People write negative remarks all the time and people ignore it. But no — he wasn’t going to take it. Cohen lit into Ms. Bratnober, saying “don’t you ever talk about my daughter like that!” Just kidding — he decided to add about ten new levels of “yuck factor” to the conversation with a single word and a question mark: “Jealous?”

Seemingly the entire internet collectively vomited into their hats:

At this point, two things are pretty much certain: a lot of people in Trump’s crew make revolting remarks about their kinfolk (which might explain their popularity among white supremacists) and Trump colluded with Russia and should be impeached and imprisoned. That second part is unrelated, but should be mentioned as often as possible.

Just for fun, here’s a video of Trump admitting he obstructed justice by firing James Comey over the Russia investigation:

Featured image via Getty Images (Drew Angerer)/screengrab