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Alt-Right Racists with Torches Confronted by Bold Progressive Politician

In America 2017 (Virginia to be specific), a bunch of torch wielding alt-right white nationalists led by racist Richard Spencer held a protest against progress at a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. If that reminds you of the KKK and burning crosses, we’re pretty sure that’s what they were going for.

Here’s what these racist bigots had to say for themselves:

“We’re fighting for a White Future,”

At one point, they all chanted:

“Russia is our friend.”

These Trump-loving, KKK torch-wielding racists are a bunch of traitors to America.  They are the White ISIS.  Here’s some pics of their little protest against progress:

Thankfully, on the other end of the political spectrum, a real Progressive who happens to be running for Governor of Virginia, Tom Periello called out their hate on Twitter here:

To which alt-right white nationalist Richard Spencer responded:

But then future Governor Perriello dropped the hammer on Spencer saying:

Oh snap!  That’s how you show those backwards racists who’s boss in the 21st Century. Progressives like Perriello are patriots on the correct side of history.  Racists like Richard Spencer belong in the dustbin of history along with the rest of their garbage bigotry.

If you believe as we do that we need more progressive patriots like Tom Periello in elected office where they can wield real power against the confederacy of dunces that keeps rebooting racism in America, then give him a shout-out on Twitter (@tomperriello) or check out his campaign website at