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Donald Trump Jr. F*cks Over His Dad, Confirms Damaging Info In Michael Flynn Investigation (TWEET)

Ever since Donald Trump’s highly suspicious firing of former FBI Director James Comey, there have been several bombshell reports that detail just how nervous Trump was about his Russia scandal. As expected, no one can incriminate Trump better than himself and his team, so it’s no surprise that earlier today his own son practically ratted him out on Twitter.

Yesterday, news broke out that Comey had notes about a conversation he’d had with Trump in which the shady POTUS asked him to stop the FBI investigation into Mike Flynn. While Trump has yet to comment on this news, his son Donald Trump Jr. said more than was necessary in a tweet reacting to something written by Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera:

Rivera was disagreeing with those who felt Trump could be impeached for trying to obstruct justice, stating that Trump’s actions were not obstruction. Trump Jr. expressed support for this opinion by tweeting “Truth” – which looks like he might have been confirming Trump’s request to Comey. As expected, the internet went wild, nearly speechless over Trump Jr.’s stupidity and carelessness.

Trump Jr., of course, insisted that he hadn’t been confirming anything.

Trump Jr., much like his father, has a habit of getting himself in hot water on social media. While Trump may have thought that keeping his family so close would be an advantage to him during his corrupt presidency, it’s clearly having quite the opposite effect. Those closest to Trump have had a tendency to only make matters worse and incriminate him further, rather than to act as a buffer when Trump’s in the hot seat. Trump Jr. is an absolute moron, just like his dad, and can’t help but make a mess whenever he goes on Twitter.

Featured image via David Becker / Getty Images