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Melania Dodges Trump AGAIN After Landing In Rome; Leaves His Hand Stranded (VIDEO)

It would appear something’s going on, but it’s not clear. For two days in a row, Melania Trump has either swatted away her husband’s hand or completely ignored it.

It’s been more than obvious for a while now that Donald Trump walks ahead of his wife when they travel. Chivalry apparently doesn’t make America great again.

On Monday in Israel, a viral video hit the newswire showing Trump reach for his wife’s hand and she literally swats it away:

Now, when landing in Rome, it appears as Trump reaches for Melania’s hand again, but she ignores it and opts for fixing her hair instead, leaving her husband’s hand stranded.

Watch here:

Missed it? Watch again:

We’re not trying to insinuate what’s happening in the Trump marriage, but video and pictures don’t lie. Hopefully, there’s no trouble in paradise, but it will be interesting to see how these two behave with each other moving forward.

Here’s a recap from Monday:

Featured image via video screen capture