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Resistance WORKING: Republicans Losing Elections Nationwide (SHARE)

The Resistance to the Trump regime is paying off at the ballot box.  Democrats are winning special elections in the Trump era that they would normally lose by a longshot.  That’s correct, we’re throwing the Republican bums out of office, because the People are apparently mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore.  

In a New York state special election, Bernie supporter and elementary school teacher Christine Pellegrino defeated a Republican incumbent in a district that Trump won by 23 percentage points, meaning it’s a super conservative district.  And the Democrat Pellegrino didn’t shy away from calling her victory apart of the resistance.  When she won, she said, “This is a thunderbolt of resistance.”  

Also, in another special election in New Hampshire, Democratic candidate Edith DesMarais beat Republican Matthew Planche in a Wolfeboro state legislative race where Mitt Romney has a summer home (yeah, it’s that Republican).  Wolfeboro is a conservative stronghold where Trump won easily in the last elections and it’s the first time in history that this town has ever sent a Democrat to the statehouse.

Rut roh Republicans, it looks like you’re about to get your asses kicked all across this beautiful country of ours.  

With Trump at the lowest approval ratings ever recorded for a President at this point in his administration, Congressional races across the country are also moving swiftly in a blue direction.  Roll Call just added more Republicans to their list of competitive Congressional seats for 2018 and started pulling Democrats off of the target list.  

In total, 19 Congressional seats are becoming more likely to go blue, including 9 Republican seats that were previously considered safe. Republicans are now in danger of losing 39 seats in the US House, which would shift control of one Congressional chamber to the Democrats and give America a Constitutional backstop to all the nefarious things that Donald Trump wants to do.  

So make sure to share the good news with your friends and family:  the Resistance is paying off at the voting booth and that all signs point to an electoral bloodbath for the Republicans in 2018 as they pay the price around the country for jumping in bed with Donald Trump.  Democrats up and down the ballot are going to flip red seats to blue in an electoral tidal wave that will forever change the politics of America.

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