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Jared Kushner PANICS As FBI Probe Turns To Him; Tries To Cover His Tracks (DETAILS)

The FBI investigation into Donald Trump, his family, and his campaign associates and their ties to Russian efforts to fix the 2016 presidential election just got hotter than every before, as it has been confirmed that Trump’s son-in-law and top adviser, Jared Kushner, is now being looked at by the FBI. It also seems that Kushner is panicking as the news spreads across the world like wildfire. As Jared and Ivanka make their way home, surely they are watching the press coverage of all of this. In fact, we know that they are, because something most peculiar happened literally minutes after the news of Kushner’s status as a subject of scrutiny by the FBI broke: Kushner scrubbed his Twitter account clean. Here is the screenshot to prove it:

The scary thing about all of this is Kushner’s status in the White House. He has the top level of security clearance, and thus access to the nation’s most sensitive secrets. Now, the FBI clearly has reason to believe that he may be in bed with a foreign adversary, which is very dangerous.

Run like the little rat that you are, Jared. You have no business being anywhere near our government, and you need to have your security clearance revoked.

Featured image via Dominique A. Pineiro/DoD via Getty Images