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Watch Trump Shove Another NATO Leader Out Of The Way So He Can Be Seen First (VIDEO)

If there’s one thing Donald Trump loves the most, it’s Donald Trump. He clearly thinks his sh*t doesn’t stink and he can bully anyone he wants to get his way. Even NATO leaders.

Trump, for some reason or another, maybe to prove he has the longest — tie — he decided to bully himself to the front of the NATO leader pack going so far as to shove someone out of the way. Then, as if nothing happened, he straightens his coat in a pompous gesture to prove he got his way.

Watch here:

Here it is again in slow motion:


Yes. It is exactly what we saw. He has no respect for anyone or anything that doesn’t benefit himself directly in some way, shape or form.

He’s an embarrassment to the American people and hopefully the rest of the world knows the majority of us did not want him.

Here’s a recap:

Featured image via video screen capture