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French President Comes Out Swinging, Insults Putin’s ‘Untruthful Propaganda’ To His Face

Thanks to the fact that Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin brazenly meddled in America’s presidential election in order to hand the White House to Donald Trump, he is front and center in American politics in ways we have not seen in recent history. This is further exacerbated by the fact that there is an ongoing, high profile investigation into whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to accomplish this goal.

Now, while Trump is busy cozying up to Putin, there is one newly elected world leader who is refusing to do so: French President Emmanuel Macron. Putin and Macron met for “extremely frank” discussions at the presidential palace in Versailles, and Macron minced no words when it came to what he thinks of Putin’s assault on the free press and his state-run media outlets. First, Macron discussed his differences with Putin regarding the fight against terrorism:

“We disagree on a number of things but at least we discussed them. Our absolute priority is the fight against terrorism and the eradication of terrorist groups and Daesh in particular.”

Then, after some back and forth regarding the way in Syria, the topic turned to the allegations that Macron’s campaign was hacked by Russian state propaganda outlets such as Sputnik and Russia Today. He called the media outlets “organs of influence and untruthful propaganda, nothing more, nothing less.” Macron was just getting started on Putin, though, and promised to be “vigilant” when it comes to Russian abuses and murders of gay men. He also said there would be“not a single concession” when it came to Russian abuses in the Ukraine.

Now, if only America had a president who recognizes Vladimir Putin for the brutal, murderous dictator that he is. But, alas, America has done the dumbest thing she has done in modern history, and elected an ignorant man-baby as president.

This is a promising development, though; after all, it means that there are forces elsewhere in the world looking to curtail Putin’s excesses, and that is a comforting thought until we get rid of Trump.

Featured image via Sean Gallup/Getty Images