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Trump In Free Fall On Twitter Grasping At Any Source He Can To Prove He’s Innocent (TWEETS)

With the news showing daily that the Trump administration is about as corrupt as any ever seen, Donald Trump is clearly in a tailspin trying to place blame on anyone he can instead of himself and those he surrounds himself with.

Trump also clearly has control of his Twitter account again, so prepare yourselves for some more crazy moments.

On Monday morning, Trump decided to first throw Germany under the bus, likely because German Chancelor Angela Merkel pretty much told the world she can no longer trust the United States. Trump tweeted:


Then, pivoting completely to another hissy fit, Trump decided to claim, once again, that the news is fake and we shouldn’t believe all the very damning evidence emerging regarding the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and continued ties to Russia:


Pivoting again, Trump decides he wants to get everything passed in the Senate right away by whatever means necessary. Stopping, of course, to prematurely place blame on the Democrats. Trump tweeted:


Why so speedily? Worried he might be leaving soon?

The most hilarious tweet came shortly after, or rather retweet. Trump retweeted ‘FOX & friends’ that tweeted out a Fox News article saying Jared Kushner is not guilty. Sure, Donald. Sure.

via Twitter

This maybe kinda sorta could have been more convincing if it wasn’t some obscure source and he didn’t tweet only two days earlier:


You’ve got to laugh or else you’ll cry. But yes, he really does seem to be that dumb. He’s clearly in free fall and grasping at whatever he can to prove his administration isn’t guilty.

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