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Anti-Gay Snowflake Whines Because McDonald’s Doesn’t Hate Gays As Much As He Does (IMAGE)

As most enlightened people know, June is LGBTQ Pride Month. This is the time to commemorate the riots at New York City’s Stonewall Inn, an event that is usually seen as the beginning of the modern fight for LGBTQ equality. During this time, many corporations and other entities around the nation and world acknowledge the struggle for equality, and they help celebrate how far we’ve come – usually with some sort of rainbow decor or products. Case in point – McDonalds’ recently changed rainbow french fry boxes.

Now, most people would be like, “what’s the big deal?” when they see the fry boxes, and go on about their business. But, this is also a time for homophobes to bitch that people are no longer catering to their bigoted whims. One example is this post by Facebook user Joshua Feurstein, in which he whines about the fry boxes:

Now, for one thing, I hardly think that a rainbow fry box will erase the years of bigotry you’ve been pumping into your kids’ heads. If it does, you’re not being a good bigot. Secondly, just because you’re hateful, doesn’t mean that businesses have to be as well. Thirdly, hatred is bad for business, and inclusiveness is good for business. Nobody is going to cater to your small minded ways.

Suck up, Buttercup. We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re here to stay. McDonald’s knows that, maybe you’ll learn in short order.

Featured image via Flickr