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If You Love Our Military, You Love Socialism

Chances are if you clicked on this link you either know what’s about to be said and you agree, or you angry clicked and are thinking to yourself, “I’m not a damn socialist!”

Here’s the truth of the matter — The United States Military is our largest socialist program.

Whether you like it or not, if you support our military, you support socialism. One of the largest chunks of our national spending is our defense budget. From the moment a soldier enlists, throughout their time in service, and then afterward as a veteran, we as taxpayers pay for them — as we should. After all, they are offering up their life for the service and safety of our nation. It’s the very least we can do.

We as taxpayers also pay for the military equipment, we pay for transport, we pay for healthcare, we pay for the salaries, we pay for, well, everything — and it works, and you love it. In fact, if you’re angry reading this as a conservative still in utter disbelief, think about how much you praise this magnificent socialized program.

We pay for the health care of veterans, as we should. In fact, we should pay more. We should also shift our defense budget from funding fields of unused military equipment to the benefit of contractor profits and shift funds to raise our soldiers’ pay. They deserve it. We as taxpayers owe it to them to shift from a mindset of war for profit to taking care of those who take care of us. However, that’s also rather liberal, or dare I say, socialist.

Truth be told, everything that has to do with public safety and national security, including the health and well-being of our citizens should be socialized. Yes, this includes health care. Health care for all is a policy idea not only for the health of our citizens but national security and the economy. A healthy workforce is a workforce that will produce more which will subsequently pay more in taxes so we can be our very own economic stimulus. Keep the free market to goods and services, not what actually keeps us alive.

To summarize, socialism isn’t a dirty word. However, no ideology in its purest form is good. Pure socialism isn’t sustainable without a free market workforce to supplement its funding. Pure capitalism isn’t sustainable without making sure we are safe and healthy with policies that ensure we are taking care of our citizens.

We love our military. We love socialism. And we love the capitalism that sustains it. Go USA!

Featured Photo by Getty Images