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Major News Network Refused To Use Trump’s London Info; Openly Said He Can’t Be Trusted (TWEET)

Anyone who is paying attention and informed knows that Donald Trump is a pathological liar. Hell, the first time his Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, appeared before the podium in the White House briefing room, it was in order to lie about the crowd sizes at Trump’s inauguration, because his incredibly fragile ego couldn’t take the idea of Barack Obama having way more people at his inauguration than the orange man-baby “president” had at his.

The same is true of Trump’s officials; after all, we all remember when Kellyanne Conway defended Spicer’s lies by saying they were just “alternative facts.” Well, after months of this lying from Trump and his staff, it seems that NBC Nightly News has had enough. When Trump tweeted about the terrorist attacks in London, they responded by refusing to relay the “information” (read: lies) he was tweeting out to the American people, and said so.

This is the responsible thing to do. The Fourth Estate is more important than ever now, because we can’t trust anything at all that is coming from the White House – and it is especially suspect if it comes from Donald Trump’s mouth or his Twitter feed.

Thank you, NBC Nightly News, for speaking truth to power. Don’t ever back down, or stop calling Trump out on his lies. The very soul of our democracy depends on it.

Featured image via Mario Tama/Getty Images