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Trump Admits He Only Wants Us To Trust His Twitter Feed (TWITTER FIT)

With the end of Donald Trump’s presidency likely coming closer and closer, he’s taken to Twitter, yet again, to make sure whoever will believe him believes only him.

We all knew that Trump would be scrambling to make sure his followers don’t trust the media this week, especially with former FBI Director James Comey set to testify on Thursday, but he’s really going out of his way to tell us all that we should only trust his Twitter feed.

In yet another morning Twitter fit, Trump grabbed his phone, likely headed to the toilet, and began angry tweeting his tiny little heart out.

First, he tweeted out that the “FAKE MSM” is trying to get him off Twitter. Which, in all honesty, isn’t true — that’s his lawyers. The media eats his tweets up with a spoon.


Then, Trump interrupted that message with a message filled with hate and f**king up foreign policy.


Then he went right back to hating the media. Like, all of the media. You know, even though he’s sat down for interviews with pretty much all of the media outlets that he mentions. Also keep in mind that the first thing any cult leader does is tell them to not trust anyone else.


And sure, he didn’t rely on those media outlets — he relied on Russia.

Featured Photo by Getty Images