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Top Republican Mansplains, Lectures Kamala Harris About ‘Courtesy’ (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, there was a contentious public hearing in front of the Intelligence Committee of the United States Senate. The reason things got so testy is that the Intelligence Chiefs who were being interviewed deliberately stonewalled questions from the Senators, citing their supposed discomfort with speaking of private conversations with Donald Trump in a public setting. One of the Senators that was really tough on the witnesses was Kamala Harris (D-CA).

Of course, the divisions in the country definitely stretch to the United States Senate, and therefore it comes as no surprise that the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr (R-NC) took the opportunity to take a shot at a Freshman Democratic Senator, California’s Kamala Harris, who just so happens to be a woman of color.

It all started when Senator Harris questioned Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein about his allowing Special Counsel Robert Mueller to fully and independently investigate potential ties between Team Trump and the Russians:

“You indicated in your statement that you chose a person who exercises a ‘degree’ of independence — not full independence — from the normal chain of command.”

Rosenstein stonewalled, saying:

“Senator, I’m very sensitive about time, and I would like to have a very lengthy conversation on this and explain this all to you. I tried to do that in the closed briefing.”

Senator Harris then said a one word yes or no answer would do, adding, “Either you are willing to do that or not.”

After that Senator John McCain began the mansplaining, injecting himself in to Senator Harris’s questioning time, to ask Burr, to make Senator Harris stop questioning and allow Rosenstein to say what he wanted. After that, Senator Harris continued:

“Are you willing or are you not willing to give him the authority to be fully independent of your ability, statutorily and legally, to fire him? Yes or no, sir?”

Rosenstein then rambled on about regulations without committing to anything. That’s when Burr chimed in with more misogyny, and trying to use Senator Harris as an example, saying:

“Would the senator suspend? The chair is going to exercise its right to allow the witnesses to answer the question, and the committee is on notice to provide the witnesses the courtesy, which has not been extended all of the way across, the courtesy for questions to get answered.”

This is all just a way to take a shot at Kamala Harris and flex their muscle, all while demeaning a woman as if she didn’t know how to conduct herself in a hearing. Senator Harris is an esteemed, respected lawyer and California’s former Attorney General. She deserves respect. This why people think Republican men are hostile to women – it’s because they are.

Watch this appalling display of misogyny below:

Featured image via  Zach Gibson/Getty Images