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Trump’s #1 Enemy Rosie O’Donnell Helping The Person Determined To Bring Trump Down

Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell have been feuding for years. This began long before Trump ever made a serious bid for the presidency, and now that Trump likes to believe he is “president,” O’Donnell is working with The Resistance to bring him down. Perhaps the bravest member of that effort from inside the government thus far is the woman who leaked a document detailing just how broad the Russian hacking into the election was, Reality Leigh Winner.

For her bravery, Ms. Winner, at just 25 years old, is facing up to ten years in prison. Upon hearing this, O’Donnell decided to be a patriot and donate $1,000 to Ms. Winner’s defense fund. After donating, O’Donnell posted a link to Twitter to Winner’s Go Fund Me page, calling her a “brave young patriot”:

Thus far, the Go Fund Me for Winner has exceeded $14,000 in donations, and is sure to accumulate much more after such a high profile public donation. O’Donnell is also ready to do anything she can to assist Winner and her family as this courageous young woman gears up for the fight of her life, telling the Atlanta Journal Sentinel:

“I would love to help her and her family. I would love to talk to the mother and offer any help.”

Hopefully, the love and support continue for Reality Winner. This administration is corrupt and dangerous. Illegal or not, Winner did the right thing. Hopefully, she doesn’t have to pay a huge or high price. If she does, I hope she is at peace with the fact that millions of patriotic Americans salute her.

If you would like to help fund Reality Winner’s defense and other expenses, donate here.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images (Trump)/Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images (O’Donnell)