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While You Were Distracted by Comey’s Testimony, Congress Passed Laws You’ll Hate

While everyone was watching fired FBI Director Comey testify in front of Congress, Congress decided that would be a great time to pass some laws that everyone in America would hate.

If regular Americans need proof that Republicans are a bunch of corrupt hucksters who are going to preach one thing and practice another, then look no further than the WRONG CHOICE Act that they passed in the House today with a party-line vote of 233 Republicans for it and 185 Democrats against it.

What this bill does is completely remove all the banking protections put into place in 2010 after a bunch of irresponsible gambling addicts on Wall St crashed our economy. In response, President Obama and the Democrats in Congress passed sweeping banking regulations that placed some rules on Wall Street once again.

Now, with Republicans in power, they’re voting to remove those public safety regulations and give predatory bankers the ability to steal our money straight out of our bank accounts or through immoral predatory lending.

Here’s what Lisa Donner, Executive Director of Americans for Financial Reform had to say about it:

“This terrible bill ignores the lessons of the financial crisis and includes a huge list of giveaways to Wall Street. Though it may work for Wall Street and assorted predatory lenders, it is dangerous policy that is bad for financial stability, bad for consumers, bad for investors, and bad for the real economy.”

And twitter got in on the action too with @TeamPelosi calling in the twitter troops here:

The national @IndivisibleTeam was calling out Republican Representatives voting for the bill by name (and twitter handle) here:

If you need any further proof that the Wrong CHOICE Act would be bad for most Americans, then here’s two of our favorites Rep Maxine Waters and Senator Elizabeth Warren tag-teaming the bill during committee hearings:

These two ladies are like the powerhouse conscience of Congress. And Rep. Waters is not afraid to burn Trump to the ground on social media, check out what she said about Comey testifying today about Trump:

Ouch. It burns.

If we could have Maxine Waters as Speaker of the House and Elizabeth Warren as the President of the Senate, then we would be living in a totally new America where bad bills like this would never be passed into law and Washington DC would no longer be the place where good ideas go to die.

The only thing better than that would be to get one of these women in the White House.