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Kamala Harris HUMILIATES Sessions, Makes Him Come Unglued In Sworn Testimony (VIDEO)

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is perhaps the most badass rock star to come to the United States Senate in a generation. As the former Attorney General of California – and the first woman of color to hold that position to boot – she knows just how to make a witness who tries to stonewall her squirm. That is exactly what Senator Harris did when the racist elf who likes to play America’s Attorney General testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.

Sessions tried to get around certain types of questions by insisting that he didn’t “recall” or had “no recollection of” events. That is pretty unbelievable, considering that Americans meeting with Russians is a pretty unique event. So, Senator Harris nailed Sessions when he kept using the “I don’t recall” tactic, saying to the sniveling little elf:

“Since you are fond of saying ‘I do not recall’ – by any chance did you look at say your calendars before this hearing?”

After that, Sessions tried to use a long winded elaboration of an already rambling answer, and Senator Harris wasn’t having it. That’s when the little guy came unglued, and admitted in open hearing that Senator Harris’s line of questioning was making him, quote, “nervous.” Here is video of that amazing moment:

It’s clear that Sessions, in his infinite “wisdom” as a lawyer, is stonewalling Congress to cover for Trump, and using lawyerly tricks to avoid outright purjuring himself. Either way, Congressional rock stars like Kamala Harris WILL get to the bottom of this, and the entire Trump team needs to go down, too.

Featured image via screen capture