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Fox News FINALLY Admits They’re Not ‘Fair And Balanced’

It’s finally happened. Fox News has finally abandoned any pretext that they are “fair and balanced.”

For years, the network has been tormented by their slogan — you know, since 60% of their statements are at least “mostly false” according to Politifact.

Fox has chosen to go instead with  “Most Watched, Most Trusted” — a statement that still makes no sense with the network’s ratings slipping along with Americans’ trust. But at least they’re no longer lying about being “fair” or “balanced.”

The network says that the “shift has nothing to do with programming or editorial decisions” but that it was dropped because of its association with serial sexual harasser, network co-founder Roger Ailes.

No matter their excuse, it’s nice to see Fox News stop pretending that they even care about being “fair” or “balanced” as they continue to shovel lies in the ears of anyone stupid enough to listen to what they have to say.

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